How to revoke token approvals on MetaMask or WalletConnect?

1. Head to the blockchain explorers for the dApp network you usually utilize. For instance, Ethereum users should head to Etherscan, Polygon users to Polygonscan, while BSCscan is the ideal explorer for those using BSC-based dApps. In this guide, we will be focusing on Etherscan.

2. On the Etherscan blockchain explorer, navigate to the Approval Checker section. Here is the link for the approval review portal for Etherscan.

3. While at the approve checker page, click on Connect to Web3 to trigger the Choose a Wallet window. Here, choose MetaMask or WalletConnect and follow the prompt to connect your wallet to the portal.

4. Once you are connected, navigate through the Ethereum token standards tabs until you find the token approval you wish to revoke. For each token on your wallet, you will be able to see the smart contracts that have the approval to either access it or submit transactions on your behalf. You can select the specific approval you want to cancel from here.

5. Click on Revoke to cancel the token approval. By doing so, you will trigger a signature request in your wallet. Approve this request and pay the appropriate gas fee to complete the process.


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