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What is the URL of the claim page?
Is my wallet eligible to claim?
Click here to read the medium article and check if your wallet is eligible for the NXRA token distribution. 
Where can I find the step by step guide for the claim.allianceblock.io?
Click here to find the tutorial.

What is the token contract address of NXRA? 

The token contract address of the new AllianceBlock Nexera token will be the same address across all chains.

Token contract address: 0x644192291cc835A93d6330b24EA5f5FEdD0eEF9e

You can check more information on Coingecko.

How can I connect to the claim page with my hardware wallet?
1. Connect with a hot wallet like MetaMask, TrustWallet or CoinbaseWallet to the claim page. 
2. Choose the second option 'Claim for another wallet' 
3. Pay the gas fees with the hot wallet while NXRA will be sent to the eligible wallet address you entered
4. You can't add the tokens to your MetaMask because they are directly sent to the eligible wallet

Check the step by step guide on Medium. 

I receive an error message?
Please sent us a support ticket via the widget on the claim page. Send us a    
screenshot by following this instruction ?

How do I send a screenshot with the Developer Tools?

I claimed my NXRA tokens but I can't see them in my hot or cold wallet?
You can check the claim on Etherscan by entering your wallet address and going to the Token Transfers (ERC-20) tab. If you claimed successfully, the token and transaction info will appear there. 

You can also try to add NXRA as a custom token to your wallet. We have contacted all relevant wallet providers to add NXRA to their list. 

What to do if I had legacy ALBT on another chain than Ethereum?

If you hold your legacy ALBT for example on a Binance wallet you have to import your seed phrase to MetaMask or another wallet which supports ERC20 tokens. 

Click here read about all steps to import a wallet to MetaMask.

I had legacy ALBT tokens in a Staking Campaign, Fundrs or Expired Campaign?
If you claim your tokens on Fundrs or for the 2 Year or 4 Year Year Staking Campaign, you will directly receive NXRA back. If you participated in another campaign, you need to check if you can claim tokens on claim.allianceblock.io
I did participate in a Liquidity Mining campaign?
You can claim NXRA on the claim page and unstake the second token of the pair from the campaign. 
What will happen with the legacy ALBT token?
The legacy ALBT token has no use anymore in the AllianceBlock ecosystem.
Which wallets will be supported?
Supported wallets for the claim page will be Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Gnosis Safe and you will also be able to use WalletConnect.
The message on the page shows that I don’t qualify, what does it mean?
It means that your wallet address is not recognized as eligible to claim the NXRA tokens. Please check our Medium blog again for the distribution scheme and if you are connected to the right wallet.

Users who bought during the Community Update period are not eligible for any claim. Sellers who sold before the snapshot at block height 16536830 (Exploit and Announcement periods), and during the Community Update period are not eligible for any claim.

Please check if this applies to your situation and check all scenarios described in our Medium blog.

I get an error message that MetaMask is not installed, would should I do? 
You are using the mobile version. This means that you have to connect to claim.allianceblock.io via the browser within your MetaMask app! 


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