I receive a "wrong network" message when using Trust Wallet

When you want to participate in the BSC Staking Program you have to switch your wallet settings from Ethereum Mainnet to the Binance Smart Chain Network. For Trust Wallet it might work as follows: 

1. Go to settings in your Trust Wallet app

2. Select Wallet Connect

3. Open our website on your desktop, click on the button Connect Wallet and choose for the

    second option WalletConnect

3. Scan the QR code using the scanning function in your TrustWallet app and approve it in
    TrustWallet. You will be connected 

4. Stay on the WalletConnect screen on your phone

5. Approve the tokens on our website on your desktop, but confirm the blockchain transaction with
    the app on your phone. You should see the pop-up screen

6. Repeat the same in order to stake

7. You may need to reconnect/repeat the procedure if the 'approve [token]' transaction keeps

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