Liquidity Mining as a Service (LMaaS) explained

LMaaS is a white-labeled platform with 0 code to be done for projects to launch it. 
Projects will be able to launch their own LM with all features we have for our liquidity mining campaigns. Then we will add features such as a recommendation engine, optimal allocation, optimal re allocation, basically wealth management tools, and Quantitative tools, SSLP, ... so users can best manage their holding.

LMaaS is the first block of the DeFi Terminal

As for our knowledge this is unique in the market, especially that we are our own users, which allows us to go from $400k TVL to $50m TVL in less than 4 months with a 25% of circulating supply locked and we saw increase in wallets from 3000 to almost 12k

LMaaS will also be fueled by NXRA which will create lot of pairs between NXRA and other projects token and hence more TVL

This is only step 1, the next steps are even more exciting :) 

- Rachid Ajaja, CEO AllianceBlock

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