What purpose and utility does the Dua Token have?

Our economies are not built with the internet in mind. They are, therefore, inefficient in providing solutions that empower fragmented communities based on their social or financial needs. Our economic system is not designed to offer incentives to tackle many challenges people face today.

Even with the FinTech revolution that aims to solve the current issues of the traditional financial system, billions of people are still underserved. We have identified key areas where DUA can incentivize people for their community contributions and introduce them to digital identity and financial services.

In the lack of efficient incentives with real monetary value and fast payment methods, we will implement DUA as an on-chain reward and payment instrument serving millions of people that aspire to be part of their communities by accomplishing their needs while adding value to the ecosystem.

A nation-state requires a currency to power its economic infrastructure and so does the dua ecosystem. DUA has three key roles within the ecosystem. It acts as a value exchange unit, access token, and payment method in the dua ecosystem.

  1. DUA powers the transactional economy of in-app users and enables them to earn it by performing value-adding activities. After earning it, users can pay for in-app purchases.
  2. Businesses use DUA as a payment method for running app ads.
  3. DUA powers the value-creating process of DeFi (Yield, Lending, Borrowing) protocols.
  4. DUA also acts as an access/gate for running dua ID as a service for individuals and businesses

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