AllianceBlock DEX Tutorial

Connecting your wallet 

Go to and connect with your wallet. Make sure you did add Energy Web Chain as a network to your wallet. In case you have to add it, go to 


Swapping is exchanging a token you have for a token you want (making a trade). 
In order to execute a swap, you select the token you want to swap on the left side and the token you want to receive after the swap on the right side.

A new screen will open when you click on the Token dropdown. 
A list with the commonly swapped tokens will be shown. In case the token is not added yet to the list, you can enter the Token name or token contract address to add the token.

Manage token list (...)

You can manage your token list by clicking on the button in the right bottom corner. 

Please be aware that anyone can create a token, including fake versions of existing tokens. Always verify and proceed with caution. In some cases you will therefore be asked to acknowledge it before you will be able to import a token.

If you swap the token for the first time you will be first asked to approve the token. 

After you confirm this step you will be able to swap your tokens by clicking on swap and confirming this transaction in your wallet. 

If you click on the Info button the page will unfold and you will get more information about the:

  • Ratio

  • Transaction details 

  • Liquidity provider fees 

  • Route

You will see the result in your wallet and all information about the transaction is available on the blockchain explorer. 

Adding liquidity 

If you want to add liquidity to a pool, you have to choose your token pair first. 

By clicking on the Token dropdown a new screen will open just like we described in the first section. You will be able to choose the tokens you want to add as a pair from the list or you have to add the token contract address to import the tokens. 

In case you didn't approve the tokens already, you will be asked to do so.

After that you can click on 
Add Liquidity to add your token pair to the Liquidity pool. You will have to confirm this transaction in your wallet and pay the transaction fees. 

My pools

When you go to My Pools you will see all pools you provided liquidity for. 

On the right side you can choose the withdraw or add liquidity icon or click on the dropdown menu to get an overview of the pool.

When you click on the dropdown menu you will see:

  •  How much Tokens from both tokens are added to the pool 

  •  How much percentage of liquidity you share in the pool

  •  How much Liquidity Pool tokens you will receive

Withdrawing liquidity 

If you want to withdraw liquidity from the pool you have to decide how much liquidity you want to withdraw. After you enter the amount manually, via the slider or the max button, you have to Sign this step first. After that you will be able to withdraw liquidity by hitting the Withdraw Liquidity button. 

Stay tuned 

We will continue more features in the upcoming weeks like adding your own pool and metrics. So keep an eye on our announcement channel on Telegram. 

If you removed all Liquidity from the pool, the pool will disappear from the overview after a few seconds. 

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