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AllianceBlock Partners with Supercolony to Bring Fundrs and DEX to Polkadot’s Parachains
17.01.2022Fundrs Staking Goes Live on Avalanche and Ethereum Tonight — Unlock Gold, Silver, or Bronze Tiers With Your ALBT
19.01.2022AllianceBlock Deploys a Chainlink Price Feed to Bring ALBT to DeFi Markets 
31.01.2022NoMercy Catch Up AMA with the #NoMercy Crew: Fundrs, DEX, LMaaS and more! 
09.02.2022SSLP Update: New ALBT/WETH and ALBT/USDT pools on our DeFi Terminal! 
24.02.2022AllianceBlock Partners with peaq to Unlock New Liquidity in the Economy of Things
11.03.2022Fundrs Investing Feature Goes Live on Testnet — Browse and Invest in Sample Projects, Exchange Funding NFTs and More 
AllianceBlock’s Technology Integrated Into VISIV to Accelerate Innovation in the Electronic Music Industry 
21.04.2022 AllianceBlock Bridge 2.0: Bridge NFTs, Inspect the Cross-Messaging Protocol and More 
27.05.2022 Announcing the 100M ALBT Incentivization Program with Bonq 
02.06.2022Introducing the AllianceBlock DEX 
02.06.2022 AllianceBlock DEX Staged Launch and Short Term Roadmap 
Getting Started with AllianceBlock DEX on Mainnet
16.06.2022Recap: #WenDEX AMA with AllianceBlock Co-Founders Rachid Ajaja and Matthijs de Vries
20.06.2022Why Bear Markets Are the Best Time to Build and Focus on Your Next Project
21.06.2022Ready for Launch: How Launchpads can take advantage of the DeFi Terminal
24.06.2022Business Development Update: June 2022
30.06.2022Fundrs Development Update: New UI, Integration with TIDV, First Projects Launching
07.07.2022Ready Player One: How GameFi can leverage the DeFi Terminal to unlock more features for their games 

How Participatory Funding Fosters Sustainable Growth in Bear Markets 


AllianceBlock Becomes A Founding Innovation Platform Partner for Plug and Play’s Crypto and Digital Assets Vertical 


AllianceBlock Fundrs Staged Launch: Testnet Deployment 


Getting Started with Fundrs on Testnet 


AllianceBlock Fundrs Launches on Mainnet 


Getting Started with Fundrs on Mainnet 

17.08.2022Taking the Headache Out of Tokenomics: How Founders Can Leverage the DeFi Terminal for Staking and Liquidity Solutions 
A One-Stop Shop for DeFi: Introducing the New DeFi Terminal 
26.08.2022 Getting Started with the DeFi Terminal Software Development Kit (SDK)
AllianceBlock Extends Fundraising Solutions to peaq network, Marking First Major Integration with Polkadot Ecosystem 

Fundrs Deep Dive — Heads Up for the First Token Launch Getting Ready to Drop! 

09.09.2022Fundrs Development Update: New Platinum Tier, Updated Multipliers 

AllianceBlock Strengthens Moonbeam Integration for Enhanced Interoperability 

28.09.2022Recap: #FoundersAMA with AllianceBlock Co-Founders Rachid Ajaja and Matthijs de Vries 
29.09.2022Recap: AMA with Defi Raccoons and Matthijs de Vries
04.10.2022AllianceBlock’s Interoperable Suite of DeFi Tools Helps Projects Accelerate Their Vision 
07.10.2022AllianceBlock Partners With Onramper To Simplify Fiat Conversion and Make DeFi More Accessible 
14.10.2022AllianceBlock Joins INATBA’s Advisory Ecosystem To Collaborate on Shaping Policy and Regulation in Blockchain 
19.10.2022How AllianceBlock Data Tunnel Is Set To Power a New Data Economy
27.10.2022Need a Liquidity Mining and Staking solution — should a project Build or Buy?
28.10.2022Bringing the Onramper Widget to Life in the AllianceBlock Ecosystem 

DUA Listing is Now Live on Fundrs — Stake ALBT if you want to Participate. 


Recap: AMA with AllianceBlock’s Co-Founder Matthijs de Vries and dua’s Founder Valon Asani and Chief Payment Officer Ardit Trikshiqi 

07.11.2022Community Soft Launch: AllianceBlock TIDV and Testing Fundrs Integration 
10.11.2022AllianceBlock TIDV Is Live: All You Need To Know About Our Trustless Identity Verification Solution 

Getting Started With the Dua Private Sale on Fundrs 

25.11.2022Recap: Telegram AMA with AllianceBlock’s CEO and Co-Founder Rachid Ajaja and dua’s Chief Payment Officer Ardit Trikshiqi 
02.12.2022Fundrs Deep Dive — Getting To Know Bonq’s Decentralized Liquidity Platform and Their Upcoming Listing on Fundrs 

Recap: Twitter Space with AllianceBlock’s Co-Founder Matthijs De Vries, Avalanche Labs Matthew Schmenk and GBG’s Darnell Walker 

08.12.2022How Self-Regulation Can Help Web3 Achieve Compliance Without Compromising on Decentralization
14.12.2022Introducing the Nexera Protocol: The Next-Generation Standard for NFTs and Interoperable Metadata

Getting Started With the BonqDAO Liquidity Raise on Fundrs and DeFi Terminal


Nexera ID Deep Dive: A Programmable Smart Wallet Powered by Nexera MetaNFTs

19.12.2022Recap: Telegram AMA with Bonq’s Co-Founders! 

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