Short tutorial: How can I bridge tokens ?

Click here to go to the official AllianceBlock Bridge website. 

In this short tutorial we have chosen to bridge BNB from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon 

Transfer your tokens to the Bridge 

1. Connect your wallet via the Connect Wallet button.

2. Select Binance Smart Chain as your starting network and Polygon as your target network. 

3. Select which token you want to bridge. If the token is not listed, please enter the token address. 

4. You can hit the max button or enter the amount of tokens you want to bridge manually or use the slider. 

5. Your current connected wallet address will appear as Recipient by default.

You can also enter another recipient. 



6. The amount of bridge fees and the Estimated transaction fees will be shown. 

Please keep in mind that the amount of transaction fees will be changing every 30 seconds in your MetaMask/wallet. 

7. Click on Next to check the Transfer Details, Wallet address and Fees and confirm your choice by approving BNB. When the transaction is completed, click on Transfer. 

8. After checking all information you will be asked to approve the token you want to bridge with Approve button and confirm this transaction in MetaMask. You only have to approve the tokens once. Next time this step will not be shown anymore. 

9. Press the Transfer button in order to send the tokens to the bridge. 

A pop up will show up where you have to confirm with a check mark that you understand that not all wrapped tokens have a use case on the destination network yet and that you have to claim your tokens on the destination network.

Click on Transfer and confirm it in your wallet.

Claim your tokens on the target network

First of all, be aware that you will need the native token of the target network in order to claim your bridged token. 

1. Go to the Bridge drop-down and select the Claim page. Change the network to the target network when connected to your wallet, in our example Polygon. 

Note that it could take a few seconds before you can claim your tokens. 

2. Click on the Claim button to receive your bridged wABBNB tokens in your wallet. 
Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait until the claiming proceeded.

3. You claimed your tokens successfully! You can ddd the custom token to your MetaMask and go to the blockchain explorer to check the recipient wallet address and transaction. 

Claim your tokens on the target network with another wallet

You can also claim tokens behalf of another wallet. You will pay the gas fees by executing the claim and the tokens will be sent to the recipient to which the tokens have been bridged to in the first place. 

Click here to find the instructions for the NFT Bridge on Medium. 

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