How to query a purchased dataset using ABQL?

The subscription page will show all datasets you have purchased and access to. 

1. Click on the dataset you want to work with

2. Click on View dataset to load the Query Editor

Tip: you can hide the data view panel with the toggle: 


On the left top, you will find the name of the dataset

You can switch in the menu between: 

  • Query (edit the query)
  • Examples (quick reference for ABQL queries)
  • About (subscription information and rating option for the dataset)

Click on the Execute button to execute the ABQL query you have written in the query editor 

with ABQL

On the right top you can choose between Tree View and JSON Raw View

  • With Tree View you can collapse "nodes" in the JSON tree for an easier view of large amount of data
  • JSON Raw View shows the absolute raw text view of the returned JSON data (schema and results)
  • In both views you can download the entire JSON data (schema and results) to a file 

With entering the 2 characters {} as a query you can already examine the data.  

This is the equivalent of TsQL's SELECT * FROM <TableName>. 

Click here for the full tutorial.

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