Prerequisites to publish or buy datasets

In order to publish a dataset please make sure you meet the prerequisites.

1. Using MetaMask

 In order to use the Data Tunnel you need to install MetaMask. 

 Go to to install MetaMask

2. Selecting the Ropsten or Rinkeby Test Network

 Click on the drop down menu next to Ethereum Mainnet and  

 select either the Ropsten oder Rinkeby Test Network

 3. Get testnet ETH on Rinkeby or Ropsten 

 4. Connecting MetaMask to the data tunnel UI

  • Go to the datatunnel when you have some testnet ETH in your
    wallet. Make sure your are connected to one of the two
    mentioned Test Networks 
  • Connect your MetaMask to the Data Tunnel 
  • With "Verify Wallet" you have to proof ownership of the wallet by
    verifying you wallet through a signed message  

  • 'Sign' in to confirm to prove that your are the owner of the private key
    and not just spoofing the public key to the Data Tunnel 

6. With all the steps followed you are ready to publish the dataset. 
    Click here for the next steps.

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