How to publish a dataset?

In order to publish a dataset please make sure you meet the prerequisites. 


You will need to have a MetaMask wallet.
You can either use the Rinkeby or the Ropsten Test Network. 

You have to get testnet ETH for one of the testnetworks 

Click here for all necessary steps. 

Testnet ALBT

After following all mentioned steps above, you are ready to use the built-in testnet ALBT faucet. 

1.  Click on the ALBT Faucet button to claim testnet ALBT 

2. Click on Confirm in Metamask after the transaction is completed.
    You will have 1000 ALBT in your wallet. 

Uploading a file 

1. Click on the Publish Data button

2. When the upload is completed, choose a category and provide a description 

3. Click on the Next button 

4. After being notified that the data is uploaded successfully, 
    you can proceed to pay the ALBT fee to publish the dataset 

    (through Ocean Protocol) 

*Note: the process of uploading as well as the publication can take a couple of minutes, please be patient. You can pause the processes between each step. 

How to query a purchased dataset using ABQL?

Click here to follow the next steps. 

*Don't forget to "Unlink" Metamask when you exit the site

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