What does the Staking Program contribute to the ecosystem?

At AllianceBlock, we firmly believe that each part of the ecosystem has to provide value. “Staking for the sake of staking” is counterproductive to this core belief as it brings inflation whilst providing limited additional value to the rest of the ecosystem. AllianceBlock’s staking and single-sided liquidity provisioning programs were designed to combat potential inflation by being an integral part of the ecosystem. All staked funds will be used to provide sufficient liquidity to facilitate a true transformation of both DeFi and TradFi markets. Staking returns are tied to the system utilization and economic performance, virtually eliminating the impact of any potential inflation. 

This is achieved by using a portion of ecosystem fees as a staking reward source, meaning the staked funds are fully automatically used to “earn their wage” by:

  • Securing the network
  • Participating in nodes
  • Acting as a liquidity source
  • Acting as a counterparty to single-sided staking (more later)
  • Providing collateralization to loans backed by the NFTs
  • Support liquidity of client pairs deployed via Liquidity Mining as a Service
  • Support fixed income products powered by AllianceBlock DeFi lending
  • Facilitate remittance for FIAT backed saving products bridging Traditional Banking with Digital Banking

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