How does Nuklai benefit NXRA holders?

The AllianceBlock ecosystem benefits both data publishers and data consumers. Users are incentivized to share it as they can monetize their data, while also remaining in control of access at all times. There are a number of actions that necessitate the payment or receiving of NXRA, including:

  • Data query: Each request for data is paid in NXRA tokens
  • Dataset generation: A dataset generation is a more complex data query and commands a (normally higher) fee payable in NXRA token
  • Data collection: Collection of data from integrated streams is incentivized with NXRA
  • Storage: Storing files on IPFS is paid in NXRA
  • Processing: Processing data across ecosystem and to integrated systems requires NXRA
  • Data distribution: a network fee is required to redistribute the data to ecosystem actors
  • Data analysis: Obtained data analyzed using various mathematical methods requires NXRA
  • Data replication: a network fee is required in order to replicate the data
  • Data extraction: a network fee is required to extract the data to different data formats (e.g. .csv)
  • Data validation: Comparing two data sets to check data accuracy requires a network fee

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