AllianceBlock Data Tunnel in about 100 words

MVP (minimum viable product) is scheduled to be released by the end of March / first week of April and will be available as a production ready service.

The Data Tunnel has a couple of key concepts for its foundation:

  •  It’s easy to publish any type of data, like CSV, XML or JSON
  • It’s easy to consume any type of data either manually or programmatically
  •  Data from the Data Tunnel is predictable, and you can query data dynamically
  •  The Data Tunnel is scalable and allows decentralized access control

With the Proof of Concept we have managed to create a platform that is able to accept any of the major data formats that are stored in an extremely scalable way through a serverless infrastructure in one default format that is easy to store, update and query.

Click here to read more about the Data Tunnel on Medium.

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